Until vaccines are widely available, we will temperature test all staff when they come on shift and all staff every 3 1/2 to four hours during their shift. We have always had a no illness work policy. Masks and sanitizing are strictly employed. Guests will be temp tested upon arrival. We will have rapid testing available for staff and gusts.

We have increased our sanitizing of surfaces to include all light switches, railings, furniture, door handles and other surfaces regularly touched. All rooms are completely cleaned, sanitized, and treated with ozone daily.

Meals may be taken in the dining area, your room,  your private patio, or on our large deck. All meals will come to you covered and your server will serve bread, rolls, and butter individually. We will even use individual salt and pepper shakers. Every appetizer, dessert, and snack will be served individually. Your server will wear gloves and is well trained on maintaining safety. You can observe all food preparation and safety measures from our bar-height counter overlooking the kitchen. We pride ourselves on never having a food safety violation in the history of our lodge.

Hand sanitizer will be available in your room, all common areas, and will include a bottle in your swag bag on arrival. The first floor rooms have private patios and exterior doors. There are two 3rd floor rooms with private covered balconies and one 2nd floor room with a private deck.

We only take a maximum of 16 guests per weeks. We have four indoor seating areas and at least 4 outdoor seating areas in addition to the private balconies decks and balconies. There is plenty of space to socially distance. Many of you will have had a vaccination or be immune by the time I see you in 2021. When you book, I’ll ask you what you prefer for social distancing and for dining arrangements.

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