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Our Fishing Guides

I know you will love Jason. He is in New Zealand during our off season where he fishes those famous rivers and streams. Ask him about it. He guides both the Kenai and Kasilof for us, plus the Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Anchor River and knows great hikes to lakes for grayling. He gives a beginner's class on the basics of fly fishing and then will take you down to our creek to perfect your casting technique. Jason is a guest favorite!

Terry is your Chief Guide. He rows the Kasilof and knows every drop of water in it. Terry has fished and guided more years than we would like to count. He guides in the winter on the Rogue in Oregon and other local Oregon and Washington Rivers. I have been informed he is legendary there! He is not only a guide's guide, but also a favorite of guest. We were able to get Terry because he appreciates that we don't put guests on the river just to be on the river, but we put them on the fish.

Meet Larry. He has a wealth of experience and first fished the Kenai in the 80s, he has worked for Fish and Game and guided and managed a fishing lodge on Kodiak. He is one of your Kenai and lake guides. He has his salt captain license and is an expert halibut captain and trolls for king salmon. He fly fishes and gear fishes. He's so great that the only reason we were able to get him is that he is my cousin!

Brian is a first class guide. He has been fishing the Kenai and Kasilof since '93 and has been guiding since '09. Of course he loves to fish salmon, but Brian's current favorite is the world-class rainbow fishing on the middle river. He has the best bait secretes to get them on the line, and he even has a mesh glove so they don't wiggle back into the water before you get your photo.  Brian is truly family, my son-in-law, and I am excited to have him back fishing with us!

Hunter is the newest addition to our guiding staff. Hunter has fished for another outfitter and was ready for a change. I liked him immediately and it didn’t hurt that his reason for the change was a more professionally run outfitter. He has fished here on the peninsula for three years and I have reviewed his photos of the many limits he brought in! He loves to fish and in the off season guides duck hunting. I know you are going to like his knowledge and his ready smile.

Our Salt Water Captain is Aaron Mahoney. He has been on the salt since he was 12. He captains the Justice for us. He embodies what we are about, safety first and a good day on the water. I have yet to see him come back without fish. He is knowledgeable on the water and wind conditions, has every spot good for halibut on his GPS.  He will also do a combo halibut and troll for kings. He is fully licensed for the open water and can take you out for multi-species, ling cod, rock fish, yelloweye, tiger, and even some silvers if they are running.


We are experienced, professional, and dedicated to customer service. We rely on return business and word of mouth, and pride ourselves on providing the best personalized service we can give. When we send you on a fly fishing trip you will be with a real fly fishing guide. Our guides are all well trained, State of Alaska Fish and Game licensed, Coast Guard licensed, KPPC Kenai River Guide Academy certified, insured, hold first aid certificates, and have years and years of experience. We will shuffle the schedule to keep you off wild seas, putting you on the river or lake, then back out to the salt when the weather calms.  We know you will love our guides and they are ready to put you on the fish!

If you are interested in a non-fishing day trip on the 2nd largest lake in Alaska, ask Jason or Larry about a Tustumena Lake trip.  They can take you all the way to the glacier at the end of the lake, to Bear Creek to look for bears, and see some breathtaking mountain views. Bring a bottle of wine and the guide will bring the glasses and serve you a shore lunch.

Already have lodging worked out?  Ask us about day charters!

We Live to Fish

Fly Fishing - Spin Gear - Bait Casters - Salt Water - Rivers - Lakes - Fly Outs - Walk In Drift Boats - Power Boats - We have trips for every taste!

When you first check in we will get you outfitted with boots, hip waders, chest waders, and rain gear (just in case). One of our guides will be on hand to write your fishing license and go over your trips and gear. If you have your own favorite rod, you are welcome to bring it along.

Some of the variety is giant rainbows in the Kenai, steelhead in the Kasilof, Ninilchik, Anchor, Crooked Creek and Deep Creek, rainbows in any number of lakes and streams, dolly varden, and grayling in lakes above 1000 feet. Coho/silvers are with us until the rivers freeze over. We can always hit the salt for some early king salmon fishing or troll for late feeder kings.

Jason can give beginners basic fly fishing instruction in all areas of rods, reels, line, tipets, leader, flies, etc., then take you down on the lawn for casting instruction. Lessons are available everyday. When you are ready he will add water reading, and we will even video your casting technique, for your review.

We will take you over on the lake, or set you up on our own creek. Then you can move on to the rivers and some serious fly fishing. Walk in to many rivers and streams, hike to a lake, or float the Kasilof in a drift boat, power boat on the Kenai, or one of our guides will row you around a lake, we even have float tubes if you are so inclined.


Pick your dates or call and let us know what you are interested in so we can recommend an early, late, or mid season trip. We believe it is your trip and you should have the best experience built around what you want to do.

Where We Fish

Joan Bateman

Most rivers and streams have only one run of king salmon returning each year. On the Kenai Peninsula we have an early and late run return to the Kasilof and Kenai Rivers. Approximately 75,000 kings are caught every year and over half of those are on the Kenai Peninsula. We fish the Kenai and Kasilof rivers and we salt water troll for kings. This photo is on the Kasilof River and some kings it gave up to a couple of our guests. Just a couple of seasons ago a lucky angler landed an 88 lb king on the Kasilof!

When you fish with us, our guides will discuss the runs available with you, how they are fishing, and prepare for the next day's trip based on your choices. When the sockeyes start running we often will fish for kings and sockeyes in the same trip. When the silvers are in late season we can combine trout and silver trips on the middle Kenai.  If you're interested in something different, try a fly out.  Also, ask us about archic char, grayling, dolly varden...the list goes on!

Some of the benefits of fishing with us - we are in a great location (15 minutes from the Kenai River and just 2 miles from the Kasilof River), know the best local lakes and rivers (Ninilchik Anchor, Deep Creek, and others), and we love to fish it all! We provide rain gear, boots or waders as needed. We use Kofler and Willie boats, drift and power, and they are extremely clean and comfortable. We fish a maximum of four per boat. Normally with a group of six we will put three in each boat. Do not worry if you are a novice, our guides will have you casting and fishing our rivers in no time.

We also book fishing trips and charters for those of you who are traveling on your own, bunking with friends, camping or using motor homes. We can arrange you trips, your fish processing, and have it ready for you when you leave or arrange to have it shipped for you.


Don't forget the fly fishing! Sit by the fire and learn to tie some Alaskan flies for your next day's adventure, perfect your casting on the lawn by the creek, or if you're just starting, get the beginner's basics from our on-staff guides.


Joan Bateman

Joan Bateman

World Class Alaskan Halibut and Multi-Species

Voted # 1 Alaska Fishing Lodge

We are proud of our rating on the Kenai Peninsula. We are Alaskans and can give you the best advice. Captain Aaron Mahoney is third generation on the water. He launches out of Anchor Point just off the Sterling Highway going South of Crooked Creek Retreat. We launch out of Anchor Point to save traveling time on the water. Charters that launch out of Deep Creek/Ninilchik and out of Homer fish the same waters, but they spend an extra half hour bouncing around to get to the big fish. Homer charters are longer to get to the good spots and are often the party boats with 8-20 passengers, or they are the quick turn around guaranteeing halibut and come back with just 10-pounders, or if you don't catch they will toss you a pound of frozen halibut. We fish a six pack with the goal of giving you a great trip and bringing back good fish. We are known for the catches we deliver!

The other captains look to Captain Mahoney when the seas are rough and rely on his judgment. If the seas are too rough we will get you out another day - we do not take chances. He is one of the few captains that do long-range multi-species trips. These trips require a more specialized license and certifications, not to mention know-how and experience to make them great. Captain Mahoney also charters to Kodiak for bear hunting and black tail. He is a captain you can depend on to put you on the fish and bring you back happy!

Any angler who has heard about the "barn door" sized halibut of Alaska's pristine waters has more than likely had one or two fantasies of catching one of these great monsters. The anticipation of the big one is a lure of its own. If you have ever hooked into a big one, you know it takes a bit of skill and a lot of perseverance to close the deal.

If you have not had the opportunity to navigate the North Gulf Coast waterways for over 30 years to gain the experience you need to catch your own, you need a guide with the right skills and experience. Our charter captains are life-long Alaskans with a proven track record for success through the highest catch ratio and a flawless safety record. Count on us to help you determine the best way to fulfill your Alaskan halibut adventures.

Captain Aaron Mahoney suggests you also consider:

Multiple Species

Gulf of Alaska multi-species trip: halibut, ling cod, rock fish and yelloweye.

Halibut is always a favorite and our experience shows in our catches. Known for its predatory nature, fight and flavor, the ling cod is a great target for those wanting a bit more than the standard charter. Yelloweyed rock fish are another colorful favorite, and who knows, you might even catch an octopus.

Prepare for a total, full-out fishing trip! You will travel south towards the Barren Islands for a full day of fishing for all bottom fish and salmon. Ling cod season normally opens July 1st each year, so we are suggesting those multi-species trips for July or August.

Salmon/Halibut Combo

Another popular combination is the salmon/halibut charters available when the mighty king salmon and the acrobatic silver salmon are fighting their way into the rivers to make their incredible journey upstream to spawn. Catching salmon before they reach the fresh water delivers a bright silver appearance and the firm, fresh meat that is sought after for the dinner table.

Let us know in advance if you'd like to book either of these trips!

Salt Species


Ling Cod

Black Cod

Salmon Shark


Rock Fish




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He is in New Zealand during our off season where he fishes those famous rivers and streams. Ask him about it. He guides both the Kenai and Kasilof for us, plus the Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Anchor River and knows great hikes to lakes for grayling. He gives a beginner's class on the basics of fly fishing and then will take you down to our creek to perfect your casting technique. Jason is a guest favorite!