FLY FISHING Consider an early or late season package without the crowds and with the best fishing. Special fly fishing beginner to expert weeks.

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Our Fishing Guides

I know you will love Jason.   He is in New Zealand during our off season where he fishes those famous rivers and streams.  Ask him about it. He guides both the Kenai and Kasilof for us, plus the Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Anchor River and have a great hike to a lake for Grayling.
Meet Larry, he has a wealth of experience and first fished the Kenai in the 80's, he has worked for fish and game and guided and managed a fishing lodge on Kodiac.  He is one of your Kenai and lake guides.  He has his Salt Captain License and is an expert Halibut Captain and trolls for King Salmon.  He fly fishes and gear fishes.  The only way we were able to get him is that he is my cousin. 
We are experienced, professional and dedicated to customer service. We rely on return business, word of mouth and pride ourselves on providing the best personalized service we can give. When we send you on a fly fishing trip you will be with a real fly fishing guide. Our guides are all well trained; State of Alaska Fish and Game licensed, insured, hold first aid certificates, and have years and years of experience. We know you will love our guides, Terry is our chief Kasilof guide, there isn't a part of the river he does not know. When guests and other guides have an opportunity to fish with him, they call him a real jewel and advise me not to ever let him go. Terry fishes the Rouge in Southern Oregon in our off season.  I have been informed by many that he is a legend there. We were able to get Terry because he has been a true friend and appreciates that we do not just put people on the river if there are no fish at the moment. Next, Dale has years of experience guiding, he also guides in the off season in Oregon and Washington.  This is Dale's first year with us and he brings his experience on the Kenai, Kasilof and salt to our lodge. We were able to get him after years of experience with another lodge.  Jason, Dale and Larry have their Coast Guard Salt Water Captain's license and their Kenai River Guide Academy certificates, and all licenses.  None of our guides are kids, they all know what they are doing and will put you on the fish.

Our Kenai Guides have attended the Kenai River Guide School at KPCC, they have taken Coast Guard licensing classes, passed all tests and have all of their certificates. Our Salt Captains are Coast Guard licensed, hold certificates, all permits and put your safety and above all else. If  the seas are  to wild we will move you to a river or lake and reschedule your salt trip for better weather if possible.

We Live to Fish 

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Fly fish with Crooked Creek Outfitters

When you first check in if you need gear we will get you outfitted with boots, hip waders, chest waders and rain gear (just in case).  One of our guides will be on hand to write your fishing license and go over your trips and gear.  If you have your own favorite rod bring it along.

Some of the variety is Giant Rainbows in the Kenai, Steelhead in the Kasilof, Ninilchik, Anchor, Crooked Creek and Deep Creek, Rainbows in any number of lakes and streams, Dolly Varden, and Grayling in lakes above 1000 feet, Coho/Silvers are with us until the rivers freeze over. We can always hit the salt for some early King Salmon fishing or troll for late feeder Kings.   
Jason will give beginners basic fly fishing instruction in all areas of rods, reels, line, tipets, leader, flys etc, then take you down on the lawn for casting instruction.  Lessons are available everyday.  When you are ready he will add water reading, and we will even video your casting technique, for your review.  

Discuss the various flies and fly choice for different areas and different species. 
We will take you over on the lake, or set you up on our own creek.  Then you can move on to the rivers and some serious fly fishing.

Walk in to many rivers and streams, hike to a lake, or float the Kasilof in a drift boat, power boat on the Kenai, or one of our guides will row you around a lake, we even have float tubes if you are so inclined.

Pick your dates or call and let us know what you are interested in so we can recommend early, late or a mid season trip just give us a call  907-260-9014   Ask for Auntie Dorothy  We believe it is your trip and you should have the best experience built around what you want to do.
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Alaska Fishing License Information - Fees

Sport Fishing LicensesResidentNonresidentNonresident AlienNonResident Military
1 Day Sport Fishing License** N/A $20 $20 N/A
3 Day Sport Fishing License** N/A $35 $35 N/A
7 Day Sport Fishing License** N/A $55 $55 N/A
14 Day Sport Fishing License** N/A $80 $80 N/A
Annual Sport Fishing License** $24 $145 $145 $24
1 Day King Salmon Stamp $10
3 Day King Salmon Stamp $20
7 Day King Salmon Stamp $30
14 Day King Salmon Stamp $50
You can buy your license online!   Or we can sell you your license here when you arrive.
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