Frequently Asked Questions


Will it be cold?
Often the temp can be in the low 40's in the morning but it can also warm up by noon.  You will need to wear layers of clothing to adjust to the temperature. 

Will it be raining?
Our Average rain fall is 26 inches, the US averag is 37 inches.   It can rain off and on in June, July and August.  Rarely does it rain all day or every day you will be here.  Some years we are almost begging for rain.  We have rain gear just in case it is raining.

How warm does it get?
It is Alaska.  Pretty much when it reaches about 45 degrees the locals start coming out in flip flops and shorts.  The temps run in the high 60's and sometimes the low 70's.  It will feel much warmer in the direct sun and chilly in the shade.  On the weather comfort level the Kenai Peninsula rates very high, the humidity is low in the summer.  Bring skin creams if you tend to have dry skin. 


I want to see bears, what should I plan?
Bears are around everywhere, they may be just behind some trees and you never see them.  We have had bears on the deck, along Crooked Creek, they have eaten most of our chickens,they  hunt rabbits here in the spring.  They also hunt the moose calves in early spring, one year they got 3 out of 4 right here in the yard.  Rarely ddo guests actually se the bears at the lodge.
We check with the fly out companies to determine where the bears are.   Early season we can put you on a bush plane, land you on the beach and the guide will walk you to a meadow.  We had a group count up to 80 bears then just give up.  Later you can fly out to Wolverine Creek and watch bears come down to feed at the falls.  The pictures of bears on our web site were all taken by guests on these fly outs.

Moose, where are they?
They are everywhere.  In the early spring they have calves and you can see them here at the lodge around the creek or browsing up close and personal.  It you are on level one they may walk within a couple of feet of your windows.  They have even come up on the lodge deck.  Keep your eyes on alert and you will see them all along the highway.   Keep in mind they are dangerous, they can stomp you to death and they move at 35 miles an hour.  When you rent a car keep in mind wether or not you would be comfortable hitting a moose in it. 

Eagles, where can I see them?
Eagles sit  in the trees here at the lodge and fish the creek.  When the commerical fishing starts they move to those areas for easy pickings.  They then come back to the creek to fish Steelhead and trout in the fall.  They are usually around all year, it is just a matter of numbers.  They usually nest in the field by my brother's house.  They also congregate at the local land fill.  So there are plenty of places to see eagles.

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