Inside or out Crooked Creek Retreat Delivers a Real Alaska Vacation

King salmon spawning in Crooked Creek in the lodge's back yard
Barbecue at Crooked Creek Retreat Kenai Fishing Lodge
 Crooked Creek Retreat sits on 6 acres in the area known as Kasilof.  The lodge is just off the Sterling Highway 2 miles south of the Kasilof River and 15 miles south of Soldotna and the Kenai River.  The lodge is about 8 min from the Cook Inlet and 1 hour north of Homer.

Auntie Dorothy works hard to get the flowers blooming by the time you arrive for your vaction.  The frost can linger around until the 1st of June or thereafter.  Landscaping is continuously going on, with efforts to grow grass, vegetables, and keep the Moose from eating the Raspberries and shrubs.

You will find wrap around decks, patios and balconies with pots of flowers, lettuce, celery and hanging pots where ever they can be placed.  Sitting on the deck provides a continuously changing view of wildlife, Link to youtube baby moose   When you wander down to the creek there may be King Salmon spawning, Silvers splashing their way up stream and when the fish are here keep an eye out for the Brown Bear from down stream and the black bear from up stream.

Down by th creek frind a hammock to swwing gently in, bring a book from the library or gather your frinds for a game of Horse Shoes.  There is always the fire pit for a get together sit on the huge boulders warmed by the sun and the fire.  Ask Cook for S'Mores kits, bring you six pack or get some hot dogs and buns. 


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Clyde the lLodge Dog
Mother Moose with baby
Bald Eagle in a Tree in Alaska
There is always something going on, the guys like to gather at the fire pit after dinner, throw some shoes and smoke those cigars not allowed at home.   Or try out the Hot Tub on the deck.

If it is is Family week, kids are splashing in the creek, roasting Marshmalllows, practicing fly casting into Hulla Hoop targets, with weights only NO hooks!  They might be playing  fetch with Clyde or trying to get out of his way before he shakes after a swimming session, kids love it.  There is always wood to throw on the fire, a hammock to swing in, fish to catch after the creek opens August 1st or just relax and watch.

Ask Aunt Dorothy to show you where the King Fishers build their nest in the gravel bank, or where you are likey to find the baby ducks. 
There are several pairs of Ducks that make the creek their home.  Check trees for eagles, the Goss Hawk, those huge Ravens, Arctic Terns, or you might even be here when 100's of swallows come to eat the first hatch of mosquitoes.  Check with aunt Dorothy for one of her bird books and binoculars.  Be sure to get a pen and then date and sign the page when you spot a new bird. 
Do not worry about the mosquitoes we work hard to keep them in check and start running the Mosquito Magnets by the beginning of May. 

When the boats come back listen for the bell,  we ring it when the fish are being hung in front of the lodge.  Come and take a look or if they are yours get your picture taken with your fish.

Crooked Creek Retreat   |   59325 Sterling Highway  Kasilof, AK 99610  |  907-260-9014